Introducing the CHIN group, Creative Humorists Inspiring Noodling. These are a bunch of AATH members of all levels joining together as a result of wan...View Details

Dick Hardwick, Corporate Comedian, and Clean Comedy! He has won the Gong Show twice, was a Star Search winner for one week and he talks with us about ...View Details

Serhiy Velichanskyi is a Ukrainian professional improviser and started Improversity as a way to help ESL teachers use improv and humor in teaching Eng...View Details

Jim-Bob Williams and Katy BEE interview Dutch Martin this month about his history as a comedian and all of his other amazing talents.  Dutch Martin is...View Details

For the past five years or so, Chip Lutz has driven the AATH into some amazing places, as past president, founder of the Humor Round Up and the man wh...View Details

We all have a story but sometimes we might not think that anyone wants to hear it OR we're scared to tell it.  There's power in your story...for you a...View Details

Jill Knox was a light to the world and had a positive impact on everyone she met.  She not only served as President and board member of the Associatio...View Details

If you're like me, you've had those experiences in your life where you were sure that something BIGGER was happening but it was difficult to wrap your...View Details

WOW!  What a great time I had talking with Kathy Klotz-Guest on this episode.  We talk improv, we talk comedy, we talk leadership...we talk about it a...View Details

First, let me apologize for not putting more episodes up as of late.  I started a full time school program and have been trying to get a good rhythm d...View Details

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