“Health is the greatest gift.” - Buddha Is one of your 2019 goals to live a healthier life?  If so, you can do two things immediately...   Listen to t...View Details

"Of course, I can get a hell of a good look at a T-Bone steak by sticking my head up a bull's ass, but I'd rather take the butcher's word for it." - B...View Details

Are you ready to communicate better this year?  Then this is the episode for you!  Mallori DeSalle is my guest and she's the expert on integrating hum...View Details

Happy 2019!  Are you ready to make this the best year ever?  I am and I know what the tipping point is going to be.....GOING TO THE AATH conference in...View Details

"Just play.  Have fun.  Enjoy the game." - Michael Jordan Are you ready to have some fun?  I am but, then again, I'm always up for having some fun.  B...View Details

Have you registered for the conference yet?  If you haven't, you should!  Why?  Because you'll hear more from this episode's freaky smart guest, Piotr...View Details

"In order for the parts to be well, the whole must be well." -Plato Are you ready to get your wellness jam on?  I AM!  And, this week, we're doing jus...View Details

Suicide isn't something we talk about in our society.  There's a stigma associated with it that keeps most of us from having the conversations that ne...View Details

Well.....IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  My mind got blown by my guest this week with all the cool stuff that I learned from her.  Plus, she sang me a song. That'...View Details

I get to talk to some really cool people on this podcast and this week is no different.  Jim Wasserman is the guest and he's lived life in the trenche...View Details

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