"In order for the parts to be well, the whole must be well." -Plato Are you ready to get your wellness jam on?  I AM!  And, this week, we're doing j...View Details

Suicide isn't something we talk about in our society.  There's a stigma associated with it that keeps most of us from having the conversations that n...View Details

Well.....IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  My mind got blown by my guest this week with all the cool stuff that I learned from her.  Plus, she sang me a song. Tha...View Details

I get to talk to some really cool people on this podcast and this week is no different.  Jim Wasserman is the guest and he's lived life in the trench...View Details

Have you ever talked with someone so smart that you wonder how they function talking to ordinary people like you? That’s what it is like when I talk...View Details

Yes, she’s a bit saucy (and so is this interview) but you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who is as smart and funny as this Laughbox episode’...View Details

I have had the pleasure of knowing this week’s guest, David Jacobson, almost since my start in AATH.  We’ve served on the Board together, worked ...View Details

Her enormous brain is only matched by her quick wit and her dance moves when the Bee Gee’s start playing.  Dr. Melissa Mork shares it all with us i...View Details

You CAN handle the truth! And, the truth is that this week’s guest, Debra Norwood (The Laughter Lawyer), is not only an awesome human being, she’s...View Details

I love me some Rev. Paul Moore.  He is not only a funny, infinitely cool guy, he also one of those people who works tirelessly to make a difference E...View Details

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