She’s an author, she’s an educator, she can leap tall buildings in a single bound….it’s Mary Kay Morrison! Few people have done as much to further the cause of therapeutic humor than Mary Kay. In this episode of Laughbox, Mary Kay shares some insights into the Association and how our Certified Humor Professional Program (which she gave birth to) took shape. Mary Kay is a great friend and has dedicated a great part of her life to AATH (and her husband’s too). Take a listen to this interview with one of our own.

More on Mary Kay:

Mary Kay Morrison, a professional educator, has dedicated her professional and personal life to researching the benefits of humor and play. She has shared her message with groups as diverse as hospice caregivers, education administrators and bank executives. Through her workshops and publications her quest for humor has assisted others to achieve significant positive change in their lives. She is the teacher for the Humor Academy a graduate program offered through AATH (The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor). 

More on Mary Kay can be found on her website at:

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