Who knows how to hula hoop and also has survived a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?  Ann Zuccardy THAT’S WHO!  Ann shares her story on this week’s episode on how she became an “accidental neuroscientist” as she looked for answers on how to deal with the issues that arose after she slipped in the tub, busted her noggin’, and started having some issues.  She’s fun, funny and has never taken a bad picture in her life – you won’t want to miss this episode!  Listen in and put some new tools in your toolbox!More on Ann

More on Ann

Sing the ingenuity she discovered after a traumatic brain injury, along with three decades as a corporate communicator, business owner, social media expert, and teacher, Ann Zuccardy challenges
conventional ideas about intelligence, self care, and creativity.

Ann’s two TEDx talks How a Brain Injury Made Me Smarter and How Being Unsafe Makes You Smarter and numerous keynote addresses in business, academia, and professional organizations not only inspire personal growth, but open the door for greater productivity, innovation, and teamwork.

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