A funny CPA?  It could be an oxymoron or it could be Julie Ann Sullivan…or both?  This week I had the pleasure of talking with Julie Ann about her work in helping people practice gratitude and live healthier, more fulfilled lives.  We laughed a lot and I learned a lot.  I think you’ll get some strategies you can put into practice right away.
More on Julie Ann…

Julie Ann Sullivan speaks from experience. Many people consider her “a revolutionary.” She does not shy away from that title! She believes when people are given a new way of thinking they have a better attitude towards work and life. Julie Ann seeks to bring a more positive and productive environment into every business she visits. She is an author and a professional member of the National Speakers Association.

Julie Ann was a CPA and spent decades involved in the financial services industry.  Now speaking full time, she is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and a member of the World Laughter Tour, Inc. and the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor.

She has a diverse educational background which includes a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Accounting. She also has a Certification as an Expert Level Practitioner as a Certified Laughter Leader.

Julie Ann is also an accomplished writer. Her newest book is titled, “A Little Bit of GRATITUDE Goes a Long Way.”

You can get EVEN MORE on Julie Ann Here:  http://www.julieannsullivan.com/
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