A trial lawyer, a pastor, and and a comedian walk into a bar…. That may sound like a great set up for a joke but it’s what actually happens when our guest, Susan Sparks, goes out on Saturday night ALL AT ONCE!  She’s been (or is) all of those things all wrapped up into one FABULOUS, FUNNY, AND FORTHCOMING person (okay, the last was just me needing another “F” word that wouldn’t make my mother blush).  Sit back and enjoy this interview with a person that is out there making a difference one laugh at a time!
More on Susan (in her own words)...

Hi y’all, I’m Susan Sparks—a trial lawyer turned preacher, comedian, speaker, author, and Harley-riding cowboy boot addict. I help people regain their grit and reclaim their joy.

We all know life has curves.
Things we never expect.
Things that throw us into the wind or down to the ground.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve lived through a divorce, survived cancer, lost both parents, traveled solo around the world for two years and left a ten-year law practice to create a career as an ordained minister and a standup comedian. I know a bit about curves.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Bends in the road are inevitable. But they are also where life takes flight. They are the places where we have the opportunity to face down our fears, accelerate through and become something more.

After significant gambles and spectacular falls, I’ve learned to lean into the curves. Now thousands take inspiration and hope from the laughter and wisdom I lead with.

Join me every week as I share The Shiny Side Up – my weekly journal pages where you’ll get infectious inspiration that will lift you up, make you smile and leave you stronger!

Want to take a walk on the wilder side? Tune in to my motorcycle YouTube broadcast: “Rev It Up!” where you’ll to lean into the curves and live full power.

You can also connect with me live stream through my sermons via Madison Avenue Baptist Church, and live in person via my keynotes, comedy shows and workshops.

Hey, we’re all on the same road. Why not face the curves and accelerate out together!

You can get EVEN MORE on Susan on her website:  www.susansparks.com
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