He’s amazing and amazingly funny!  Jim Pelley has been a part of AATH since nearly the beginning and this week on Laughbox he shares a lifetime of humor strategies that are destined to help you bring more humor to your and other’s worlds.
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For more than 30 years, Jim Pelley has brought the power and value of humor in the workplace to hundreds of thousands of people at top corporations and organizations worldwide.
Jim enlightens his audiences on the art and science of bringing effective humor into their lives to become more creative, more productive, and less stressed. Recent clients include some of the world's most creative and innovative companies - Intel, Disney, Southwest Airlines, Marriott, American Express, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, and PepsiCo, to name just a few.
Jim's finely tuned ability to customize his programs delights audiences in such diverse fields as high tech, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and government. From executives to production and service personnel, his listeners are amazed at the depth of his insight into their environment.
You can connect with Jim (and find out more about his work) on his website: 
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