You CAN handle the truth! And, the truth is that this week’s guest, Debra Norwood (The Laughter Lawyer), is not only an awesome human being, she’s also doing incredible work that is changing the lives of people all around the globe! Take a moment to listen to this week’s interview as she shares her work, her passion and a few laughs.

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As an attorney, a mother and caregiver to an ailing parent, Debra Norwood knows what stress looks and feels like. She also knows where to look for answers to learn resilience and find joy and meaning in many of life’s challenges. As a Certified Laughter Leader and Expert Level Practitioner with the World Laughter Tour, Debra guides her patrons by keynote speeches and workshops that highlight mindfulness exercises and a healthy dose of therapeutic humor and laughter. Her presentations to health professionals, attorneys and students are energizing and enlightening! As a result of the emotional clearing achieved through therapeutic laughter sessions, Debra is able to candidly address the more serious workplace and lifestyle issues that cause absenteeism, compassion fatigue and discouragement.

As a personal executive coach for attorneys and professionals, Debra is clearly passionate about sharing the latest advances in Psychoneuroimmunology. As a Certified Brain Health Coach with Amen Clinics, she loves to share the good news: there is now evidence that people can change their brains to effectively change their mood, perspective and ultimately, change their lives!

Debra’s individual coaching helps professionals optimize their memory and cognitive abilities through brain exercises, meditation, mindfulness and nutritional supplements when needed. For serious issues of PTSD, ADD, addictions, depression and anxiety, Debra evaluates and recommends individuals for Amen Clinics brain SPECT scans to review if there is trauma or other causes to explain resistant mental health conditions. Through careful evaluation of her client’s wishes and needs, Debra also creates individualized teams for crisis intervention. This supportive and comprehensive environment of empathy and trust helps her clients regain their humor, optimism, self-confidence and resilience.

Debra is a member of the Positive Psychology Association, The Association of Applied and Therapeutic Laughter (AATH) and has been endorsed by The Laughter Arts Foundation. As a goodwill ambassador for the Anasazi Foundation, Debra also helps with at-risk youth. She is considered a “Trailblazer” by the World Laughter Tour and is a transformative law advocate and contributor to the American Bar Association endorsed book by J.Kim Wight; Lawyers as Change-makers, coming out in 2017.

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