Her enormous brain is only matched by her quick wit and her dance moves when the Bee Gee’s start playing.  Dr. Melissa Mork shares it all with us in this episode of Laughbox.  Enjoy!

More on Melissa...

Dr. Melissa Baartman Mork is Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement at the University of Northwestern. 

She is a Certified Humor Professional and the former director of the Humor Academy, the three-year college-level Humor Studies program for the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. She is the mother of two beautiful children and the widow of one hot Norwegian.

At Northwestern, Dr. Mork teaches courses in General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Counseling, Psychological Ethics, and How to Diagnose Your Family and Friends without Their Knowing. 

Although her kids don’t think she’s very funny, Dr. Mork makes herself laugh. A lot. She even has “FUNNY” on her license plate. Her one claim to fame is when Jimmy Fallon read her tweet on “#hashtags”.

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