Yes, she’s a bit saucy (and so is this interview) but you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who is as smart and funny as this Laughbox episode’s guest, Joyce Saltman.  I first had the pleasure of meeting Joyce at one of our conferences and I’ve been a fan ever since.  She shares the work she is doing in applied humor, her history and a nicely told risqué joke (that I particularly enjoyed…and retold several times).  ENJOY!
Joyce Saltman is Professor Emeritus of Special Education at Southern Connecticut State University. She holds four graduate degrees in the fields of special education and counseling, and chose to receive her doctoral degree at Columbia because “she loved the color of their gown.” It was no small feat that she managed to persuade her mentor to allow her to write her dissertation on her true passion: “Humor in Adult Learning.” Joyce’s innovative teaching style led to the development of a graduate course entitled “The Enhancement of Learning Through Humor,” as well as a summer institute, “Healing Education Laughter and Play (HELP).” Her experience in the areas of education, therapy and comedy has provided an outstanding background for her research on the therapeutic value of laughter.
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