"In order for the parts to be well, the whole must be well." -Plato

Are you ready to get your wellness jam on?  I AM!  And, this week, we're doing just that with wellness expert, Jessika Jake.  She's a super smart person and she shares it all with us in this exclusive pre-conference interview!

Get ready to learn about the eight (YES, EIGHT) dimensions of wellness as we journey into the inner workings of your being.  Okay, I was trying to make that sound cool and dramatic but it ended up flat.  Regardless, get ready to learn.  Grab something to write with and get prepped to be well.  Jessika has got the wellness goods!

More on Jessika...

Jessika is a STEM and Wellness instructor, edutainer, author, instructional designer, coach, and consultant hanging out at the nexus of wellness and technology. Perfect is not an option, so she likes to focus on educating and inspiring people to get "better and betterer" across the 8 dimensions of wellness. Her fave areas these days include; mindset and micro-behavior changes, stress reduction, workplace wellness, Positive Psychology, and alignment of strategy and execution to ensure success across the breadth of wellness goals. In summary, her motto is: Feel awesome. Do awesome. 

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