Have you registered for the conference yet?  If you haven't, you should!  Why?  Because you'll hear more from this episode's freaky smart guest, Piotr Pluta.  The annual AATH conference is the 7th through 9th of April, 2019 in Chicago!  If you're serious about humor, you won't want to miss it.  Go here to get more info and to register!

On this episode, we're digging deep and talking about the psychology of humor.  My guest, Piotr Pluta, shares some of the research he has been doing in the area of humor profiles and gives us a "teaser" of what he'll be sharing at the conference.

Grab something to write with...you're going to want to take notes!  Enjoy!

More on Piotr Pluta..

Piotr Pluta is the author and administrator of the Psychology of Humor Blog. He has an MSc in psychology from the University of Wroclaw, Poland; he also studied at the University of Valencia, Spain, and the East Carolina University in Greenville, USA. Piotr is currently the Managing Director responsible for consultancy at Human Factors AS in Oslo, Norway.

As many other psychology students at the end of his junior year, Piotr had a life-changing decision to make: chose a research problem for his master thesis.

At that time he had been wondering for a while already, why is it that although people laugh and try to make others laugh so much and so often; close to none systematic thought was being given to it in any of the psychology classes. No humor-theories or studies were being mentioned in any textbooks, not even an attempt at defining humor was made. Humor was everywhere – it seemed – but nobody was taking it seriously!

In the course of doing research for his master thesis, he discovered otherwise – there were a lot of serious psychologists researching humor, who in addition have produced a great deal of work. Leave alone Freud, Koestler and Apter, Piotr has read much more than required for his thesis (which discussed the role of humor in persuasion) and got acquainted with the field fairly well.

He continues to take humor seriously: Piotr is a member of the International Society for Humor Studies; is involved in a research project investigating the strategic role humor plays in one of the popular HR training tools, participates and presents on international conferences, and has developed humor-workshop he delivers as an organizational consultant.

Piotr is primarily interested in the following areas of humor research: organizational psychology studies of humor, advancement in the cognitive theories of humor, humor in cross-cultural encounters, and the pedagogical use of humor in presentations and training.

Connect with him on his website: http://www.psychologyofhumor.com/

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