"Of course, I can get a hell of a good look at a T-Bone steak by sticking my head up a bull's ass, but I'd rather take the butcher's word for it." - Big Tom Callahan

Here we are at Episode 50 and starting our second year of the Laughbox podcast!  It's cause to celebrate and so I watched the movie, Tommy Boy (thus, the quote at the top).  You should celebrate too!  How?  By coming to the AATH conference in April.  Go to www.aath.org and check it out.  The investments we make in ourselves pay big dividends!

On this episode we're exploring the inner workings of the improv brain with Lisa David Olson and her book, Laughs On Wry: An Improvisor's Memoir.

I had the opportunity to meet Lisa about 5 years ago and I've enjoyed that connection so much.  She's fun, funny and has some great things to share in how to find the humor in everyday life and make a choice to be better.

I know you'll enjoy listening as much as I did.  Yes, I listened to the interview several times before airing it.

If you have a guest idea for the show or something you'd like to hear about, email me direct at chip@unconventionalleader.com.  I'd love to hear from you.

More on Lisa...

Speaker, author, improv ninja and owner of an award winning sketch comedy troupe - The Heart of La Crosse. “Laughs On Wry; an improviser’s memoir” has been called “smart, insightful and hilarious! She takes the ordinary and turns it into hysterical and relatable stories.”

 Originally from Wisconsin, love brought her over the Mississippi bridge to her current home in La Crescent Minnesota. Olson is a self proclaimed harvester of humor, a goofy friend, embarrassing mom and mega-prankster.  A speaker for nearly two decades, she lights up a room and connects attendees through humor.

Presenting to companies about infusing improvisation is her passion, as is speaking to groups about the message of her book “Laughs On Wry”, which is that life is made of choices, not excuses.  For Olson, strength was found when sharing laughter, it’s a healthy way to connect with people and share the buzz of joy!

Join her facebook page for a daily dose of giggles! 

By day, Olson is an assistant at the La Crescent Police Department, handling the public, records and dispatch duties.


Instagram and Twitter:  #improvbuddy

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