"A clown is like an aspirin...only he works twice as fast." -Groucho Marx

When I go to the AATH conference it's almost like sensory overload.  There are so many wonderful people doing extraordinary things that's it's hard to get it all in during such a short time frame.  That's what's awesome (for me) about doing this podcast.  It gives me the opportunity to have the conversations that, sometimes, I don't get to have.  And (lucky for you), you get to listen in!

This episode's guest is Guy Giard.  He is an incredible human being.  You'll hear that through and through during the interview.  He's very representative of all the people we have in the association and that you can meet when you come to the AATH conference!  Are you registered?  NOW IS THE TIME!  Go do www.aath.org and let's get your laugh on!


A little on Guy...

Guy Giard is a Gardener of the Soul.  Born in the French speaking province of Quebec, Canada, he lived for many years in Europe. Professional artist his artworks are exhibited across Canada and The Netherlands; and has a singer he’s given dozens of concerts. After teaching for twenty years in major art museums he becomes a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and joins the real Dr. "Patch" Adams as a humanitarian clown caring in hospitals and orphanages in Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, India and Russia. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker and an inspiring consultant. He believes that anyone can plant his own life’s mission, grow his life’s purpose and sow a legacy.

Dr. "Patch" Adams writes about Guy Giard: “I truly feel his passion to live radiant, using clowning as a tool to help midwife a loving world. To hear of his own transformation to being a loving soul will inspire others to try it on."

My website: www.guygiard.com

My youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/guygiard

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/guygiard/

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