Life keeps throwing me stones. And I keep finding the diamonds.
– Ana Claudia Antunes

Once in a while you get the opportunity to meet people whose joy is so genuine it can't help but inspire you.  That's how it was when I first met this week's guest, Shauna Bruce-Hamburger.

Shauna doesn't let anything in life hold her back.  She and I talk about overcoming life's challenges and how you can bounce back and live a life filled with real joy.  I had so much fun with Shauna that I didn't want the conversation to end...and neither will you.


Shauna has always been known as a person who inspires many with her life through her contagious joy, encouraging spirit and positive attitude. Shauna's experiences have given her the heart, desire and wisdom to help others become free from the limitations that hold them back from living a life of their highest potential.

Shauna is a life-coach, teacher, author and inspirational speaker. She holds a B.S. in Wellness Management, is a Certified Health Minister, as well as a Certified Conscious Body Coach. Shauna owned “A Touch of Life” Massage Therapy & Wellness Center for over 8 years and teaches various health/wellness classes all around her area.

Shauna's abilities as a life-coach, teacher, author and inspirational speaker, bring healing, hope and truth to those around her everyday. Because of the issues she has faced around living with Spinabifida, as well as how she learned to live above those circumstances, Shauna is committed to promoting greater purpose and fulfillment in life by helping her clients uncover their highest potential and bring balance of body, soul and spirit.

Check her out on her website:

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