Roberta Gold

Humor DOES Rock!  This week I got to talk with longtime AATH member and humor advocate, Roberta Gold, RTC.    Roberta Gold is a Recreation Therapist and a Humor Therapist who founded Laughter for the Health of it in 1985 with one mission: To empower everyone to have a more positive outlook by seeing the humor instead of the horror in our world.   In this episode, she shares her new book and new venture, "Laughter Rocks!”, aimed at bringing positivity into the educational environment in order to help parents, teachers, and students live life more positively and with more humor.

Roberta  is a Recreation Therapist by trade and a Humor Therapist by choice. Her proprietary program, Laughter for the Health of it has helped countless businesses, healthcare facilities, medical organizations, schools, non-profit organizations, networking groups, elder/senior care facilities, churches, temples and many others to realize that laughter truly can be the best medicine for whatever ails you, your colleagues, your associates, your family, your staff and your friends.   

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