AATH Interviews Naomi Shafer of Clowns Without Borders

Where other resources are scarce, Clowns Without Borders makes laughter abundant. These professional clowns and circus artists perform in refugee camps, conflict zones, and sites of natural disaster. 

Read our take on if Laughter is the Best Medicine (https://clownswithoutborders.org/is-laughter-the-best-medicine-these-clowns-say-absolutely/

Visit our website to learn more about the transformative power of play. https://clownswithoutborders.org/

Take our Laughter Challenge to experience for yourself why laughing matters

Follow along Facebook https://www.facebook.com/clownswithoutborders.usa

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/clownswithoutborders/?hl=en

Of coure, you can give the giggles to a child fleeing from war by making a donation 

Better yet, make it a habit by joining the Joymaker's Club. https://clownswithoutborders.kindful.com/?campaign=1207434

Link for the laughter challenge: 


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