In this pilot episode of LaughBox, I introduce the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH). AATH is a nonprofit, member-driven community of laughter and humor professionals and enthusiasts.

The organization was formed in 1987 by Allison Crain, R.N., and provides members with education, cutting edge resources and the supportive community they need to excel in the promotion of healthy humor.

I found my people when I came to my first conference over a decade ago. They get the joke and appreciate the humor. And it’s an eclectic group that includes doctors, lawyers, educators, anybody that has an appreciation and a use for humor in their life.

Humor can help us communicate better. It helps us cope. It helps us deal with anything that comes up if we can find the humor in the situation.

In future episodes of LaughBox, I’ll be talking with laughter and humor professionals that can help you make the rapid mental adjustment you need to just get over the hump sometimes and get down to business. When we need just that one thing to make us laugh or smile, even when the clouds are gray and it’s hard to find that silver lining, for me, humor is the one thing that has always helped me do it

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